What You Should Know Before Authorizing Repair Work

  • Two of the most imporant factors you should know before having your vehicle repaired.
    1. You decide on the collision repair facility.
    2. Only you can authorize repairs on your vehicle.
  • Some insurance companies may want you to visit their drive-in claims center before having your vehicle repaired. You can do this, or you may leave your car at our collision repair facility and ask that the insurance company inspect the vehicle here. We Will arrange for an on-site inspection with your insurance company.
  • While differences in repair estimates are common, lower estimates may not include all necessary work. It's easy for some collision repair facilities to underbid by simply overlooking details. We will work with your insurance company to provide you with a comprehensive appraisal and solid service, all at a fair price.
  • When authorizing repairs, be certain that the insurance company will cover the cost of repairing all accident damages before you sign anything.
  • Be sure to choose a collision repair facility that utilizes uni-body repair equipment and certified technicians. Ask to see examples of their repair work, either in-progress or completed.
  • Finally, if you would like, we can assist you with the negotiations of your claim with the insurance company.

What You Can Expect From Your Guarantee of Customer Service

  • The highest standards of repair and business ethics.
  • To be treated with courtesy and in a professional manner.
  • A written estimate in advance of all work and we'll provide a supplemental estimate if any additional hidden damage is discovered.
  • Your vehicle to be restored in a clean professional environment.
  • Your vehicle to be professionally restored to pre-accident condition.

Why We Take the Guesswork Out of Choosing a Repair Facility

We know that choosing a repair center can be a challenge.
  • How do you know who does a good job?
  • Will you be satisfied?
  • What about hidden damage?
  • Color Matching?
  • Will the parts fit and realign correctly?
  • Will it cost more than the insurance company allows?

At our collision repair facility, we take the guesswork out of your decision-making. That's because we use only the best materials available and our skilled technicians are highly trained. They know how to get the job done with the highest quality results so that you and your vehicle can get back on the road as quickly as possible.

We Pride ourselves on doing the best job possible, the first time. It's that simple. We deliver customer satisfaction on the services we offer. Not every collision repair facility is willing to make that commitment, but that's what sets us apart from all the others.

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